Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Is your basement wet and dank? Don’t let the water continue to damage your greatest investment. The professionals at ACE Roofing and Masonry will help keep your basement dry with expert basement waterproofing and drain tile services. We provide a free inspection, testing, and estimates with options that fit your needs and budget.

We Offer Different Types Of Basement Water Proofing!
The exterior waterproofing of your home will consist of digging out all the dirt that sits by the walls down to footer level and replacing the footer tiles. Your walls will be sealed, then covered in gravel and backfilled with soil to grade level. Guaranteed not to crack, break or peel, this 100% acrylic waterproofing system is designed to protect your foundation from moisture.

An interior waterproofing system is used when the water table is high or there are basement cracks that allow water to seep through. A trench is dug around the interior perimeter of your basement, where our waterproofing contractors will install drain tile and drain sleeve, both designed to direct incoming water to a sump pump through a drainage system. The sump pump will remove all water from the basement and discharge it away from the foundation. This procedure also effectively keeps out moisture and insects, providing peace of mind in knowing your home is safe.

Waterproofing your basement from the inside out? Our Interior and Subsurface Waterproofing System is just what you need to prevent water from seeping into underneath your home’s foundation walls. Caused by hydrostatic pressure, stop water in its tracks before it wreaks havoc on your home!

We have been keeping ACE Roofing and Masonry and safe. Our waterproofing system carries a lifetime warranty, backed by a company that has kept ACE Roofing and Masonry basements dry for many years. Because our system is patented, no other company can offer this revolutionary solution.

We have built a reputation for quality work and attention to detail with every job, regardless of size. AtACE Roofing and Masonry, you’ll get the best services from our experienced crews who will work quickly and leave your property looking great.

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