Patios & Fireplace

Patios & Fireplace

Stone Patio Installation

A stone patio is like an extension of your home. It provides usable outdoor space for furniture, gatherings, grilling, and makes an attractive and highly useful addition to any property. Different types of patios can be made from natural stone, bricks, or manufactured pavers. And there are endless layouts, designs, edgings, and details you can add to make your patio unique.

Our Patio Services Include:

  • patio and hardscape design
  • bluestone patio installation
  • paver patio installation
  • brick patio installation
  • flagstone patio installation
  • cobblestone patio installation
  • paver driveway installation
  • cobblestone driveway installation
  • stone edging installation

Why ACE Roofing and Masonry?
ACE Roofing and Masonry has been installing natural stone patios for over 20 years. We understand the materials and what goes into creating an attractive and long last stone patio and gathering place for your home.

Stone Fireplaces Installation Long Island, NY
The stone fireplace is the traditional focal point of our Long Island, NY homes. They were used for heat, cooking, and as the central gathering place for the family. Along with the foundation, the fireplace and chimney were literally the core that the house was built around.

Today the fireplace does not serve the same necessity as they once did, however, they still give us the same comforting warmth, sturdy appearance, and gathering place for your home. It’s safe to say that there is nothing quite like sitting in front of a warm, crackling fire on a cold night.

There are countless ways to design a fireplace. There are different materials and styles of stonework, lintels, mantels, and other features. It is truly unique opportunity to display fine stonework inside the home that you can enjoy every day.

Our Stone Fireplace + Veneer Services Include:

  • fireplace rehab
  • thin veneer installation
  • thick veneer installation
  • full bed stone fireplace
  • firebox and flue installation
  • Rumford fireplace installation
  • outdoor fireplaces
  • stone hearth and mantel

Why ACE Roofing and Masonry?
At ACE Roofing and Masonry we value attention to detail and authentic stone masonry. We know that every fireplace we build will be admired daily. The placement of each and every stone is important and should reflect the authenticity and overall vision of your design.