Steps & Walkways

Steps & Walkways

Years of foot traffic eventually cause steps and walkways to develop unsightly cracks and stains. Especially the corners and edges are sensitive and may be responsible for trip ā€˜nā€™ fall incidents.

Therefore, when the degeneration is left unattended not only do they appear old, but also are highly unsafe to tread. A timely walkway and step repair intervention is essential to recover the damage and restore them back in form.

Although both steps and walkways are a means to travel from one point to another, the obvious difference of one being level grounded and the other helping you climb a level separates the construction process.

The basics of walkway and step repair stay the same:

  • Addressing the damage
  • Building a corner form
  • Mixing & applying the repair material
  • Finishing touch to the surface
  • The difference lies in the process of laying the foundation.

Ideally, steps should be built on a solid foundation to make them stay still- as done in case of the foundation of your house. Whereas, walkways should be properly graded in order to allow proper drainage and evade water accumulation.Having been in the business of walkway and step repair in ACE Roofing and Masonry for years now and the hands-on experience in using concrete blocks, stone, concrete masonry units, brick pavers, and various landscape materials for restoration in specific locations, we at ACE Roofing and Masonry know even the slightest difference in treatment, approach, and installation.

Make an informed choice
In case you need an affordable and reliable staircase builder or a walkway repair contractor, our service is meant to offer you just the right solution at the right time in sync with your preference.

ACE Roofing and Masonry – your trusted residential and commercial construction service in ACE Roofing and Masonry is well-versed with your need. Our dedicated crew has been skillfully trained to pay a complimentary visit to examine the damage, understand your requirement, offer professional feedback on restorative measures before starting the process and thereby, complete the job delegated with integrity.

Our cost-effective service ensures we offer you the best output that is sustainable and does not lead you to regret or losses.

We completely understand the hassle of renovating a structure, especially when it is in use. Our craftsmen take special care not to disturb your daily schedule when the renovating process in on.